5 Figures In 5 Weeks

Quick Start Kit

This is the hallmark course in our ground-breaking mastery series, 5 Figures in 5 Weeks puts you on the path to earning your first 5-figure payout in just five weeks or less. Learn the process the pros use to wholesale deals fast, and create a full-time income with part-time effort. The perfect course for first-time investors!

Business Setup Mastery

This comprehensive mastery course covers the foundations, entity setup, laws, regulations and processes that come with building a business.

Make sure yours is rock solid from day one!

Property Acquisition Mastery

Your success in real estate investing comes down to your ability to sniff out and secure the best deals out there.

In this course, discover expert methods for getting it done every time.

Property Analyst Mastery

No one wants a bad deal on their books.

Learn how to suss out and value any property, anytime in just minutes, by using this simple, proven mastery method.

Private Money Mastery

The most successful real estate investing businesses are the ones with access to funding.

Learn the secrets of raising high-value capital in any market, any time in this mastery.

Property Renovation Mastery

We’ll unpack the ins and outs of rehabbing properties, including the tips and tricks real estate pros don’t want you to know.

A must for rehabbers!

Property Management Mastery

A property is only as good as it’s cash flow—and it’s cash flow is only as good as its management.

Keep your investments thriving with this powerhouse mastery course.

Property Sales Mastery

Sales are one part art, one part science, and 100% critical to your success in real estate investing.

From residential to commercial, this mastery covers the how-tos of SELLING.

Real Estate Wholesale Mastery

Learn how to scoop up wholesale properties that rehabbers and investors crave, plus strategies for building the best cash buyer list

This is the easiest way to generate fast investment income!

R.E.O Mastery

Some of the best deals out there are bank-owned properties (REOs).

But to make your fortune in this niche, you need to learn navigate the unique foreclosure landscape—and this course is the perfect first step!

Foreclosure Auction Mastery

With a few quick clicks, you can build a massive portfolio of high-quality investments. How?

By developing a strategic approach to buying properties at the foreclosure auctions. This mastery program will give you the foundation you need to excel.

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